2021 Best of Plant City Awards – NOTE NOW!

Rules & Scoring:

Please note the rules and scoring have changed for the 2021 award season. This year each category maxed out at three business nominations, except for Business of the Year and Small Business of the Year, which maxed out at five.

The nominees were chosen based on the nomination letters that were sent in from the community. The committee made their decisions based off the responses the nominator provided. 

The nominees will be scored based on the following criteria:

33%- The quality of the nominating letter explaining why that business deserves to win that category

33%- The committee’s score based on how well that business matches the award description

34%- The public voting that will occur Jan 11-15

*To qualify as a nominee the business or individual must be a current member of the Chamber of Commerce, have an impact on the Plant City community and meet the description of the award for which they are being nominated.